The VizbiPlus Challenge: Call for Entries

Want to win a very cool Wacom Cintiq 13HD!

Got some amazing Science Artwork you want to show off?

Then why not enter the VizbiPlus Challenge !

‘VizbiPlus: Visualising the Future of Biomedicine’ is a new project funded by the Inspiring Australia government initiative, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, and CSIRO. Its goal is to train three scientists to create scientifically accurate 3D animations that explain the latest biomedical research in a way that inspires and engages the general public, and then present this work in public events to maximise the reach of the work.

You can now download the final PDF version of our latest work here:

The great news is that its also open access so anyone and everyone can view and download it.

Enjoy !


IncuCyte Zoom Video Tutorial and User Guide

Here is a guide that was written by Rachael McCloy from our lab on how to use
the IncuCyte Zoom Kinetic Imaging System.
We recently published a paper using this machine in Cell Cycle 

Part 1- How to set up an experiment

Part 2- How to analyse an experiment

Incucyte ZOOM User Guide

NB: Click here to download a PDF version

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Paper Accepted!! Partial inhibition of Cdk1 in G2 phase overrides the SAC and decouples mitotic events.

Partial inhibition of Cdk1 in G2phase overrides the SAC and decouples mitotic events

You can view the pre-press version now online at Cell Cycle

UPDATE: Were now in PubMed too!

There are lots of pretty pictures, and we will be uploading them over the next few weeks once the Press version of the  paper is out.

Big thanks to all the authors and to the amazing editorial team at Cell Cycle for their help getting this reviewed and published in a very rapid and professional manner.

Until then here is a pretty movie of what happens when you treat cells with low doses of the Cdk1 inhibitor RO3306.

A brief introduction to Mitosis

Here is a slide that I made and often use at the beginning of my talks to briefly explain what mitosis is. The images are taken from a live cell that we have labelled with fluorescent probes to highlight the DNA (red) and microtubules (green).

Enjoy !

Seminar: How I got a Post-Doc Job.

Here is a short seminar that I gave to the PhD students at the end of 2013.
If gives a brief over-view of the do’s and don’ts on how to get a Post-Doc position.
From finding a lab, to writing the intro email.

Hope its helpful.

Cell Image of the Week – Mitotic Catastrophe

Here is one of the images that we took using a Leica SP8 confocal microscope this week in the lab.
It is a 3D image of a HeLa cell that has completely stuffed up mitosis (undergone mitotic catastrophe). It has separated whole chromosomes randomly into 2 daughter cells instead of separating the two identical chromatids in two.

And here is an artistic version just for fun !