Month: July 2013

Stills from Live Imaging of Human Cancer Cell

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Here are a few nice still images which were taken from single frames of a timelapse movie that we did recently with some human (HeLa) cancer cells that we have constructed to stable over-express fluorescently labelled LifeAct (green) and histone H2B (red).LifeAct+H2B MProMeta

Funky HeLa LifeAct


More new Movies of Live Cancer Cells

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We have been busy constructing some new cell lines that stably express multiple fluorescently tagged proteins so that we can visualise different aspects of mitosis in real-time. The results have been stunningly beautiful.
You can check them out on our Vimeo Channel



The Garvan Strikes Back!

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Here is a fun Star Wars themed video that I put together to show case some of the amazing facilities at the new Kinghorn Cancer Centre, and some of the research our lab is doing. Hope you enjoy, and special credit to my son Barkley for his excellent acting!