Month: August 2013

Mitotic Control Lab now has a Redbubble Store

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For a bit of fun way for us to show our research to the public, we have opened up a Redbubble store with some great Mitotic themed items inspired by the research that we do.  100% of any profits made will be used to directly fund further research (and or coffee) to keep us awake so that we can do more research. You can find a great selection of items including T-shirts, stickers and iPhone cases.

You can visit the store here [Link]

You had me at Prophase T-Shirt

Mitosis T-Shirt !

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I found this great Mitosis T-Shirt online, and ordered it ASAP.

It arrived today and is fantastic !

You can order it here

You can also make your own designs and upload them. I’m hoping to do this for some of our cell artwork, so stay tuned.

Cool Mitosis T-Shirt

Useful Links

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Cancer Gene Database Searcher

Protein Phosphorylation and other PTMs Database

Search and Predict possible Phosphorylation Sites based on Sequence

Searchable Database of RNAi phenotypes

Resources for everything to do with siRNA/RNAi

Gene Expression across Normal and Tumor tissue

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopaedia

Kaplan Meier-Plotter for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

A new database for meta-analysis of the prognostic value of genes

Plasmid Sharing Service

Mac Software for BioSciences