Immunofluorescence Guide

The Mitchison Lab has an excellent guide on staining and fixing cells for Actin and Microtubules which is worth reading [Link] Coverslips Most coverslips come with a fine film coating to stop them sticking to each other. This can reduce the ability of coating agents such as poly-L lysine from working properly, and can thus reduce […]

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HeLa SILAC conditions

Grow cells in DMEM (Sigma #D9443) without L-Arg, L-Leu, L-Lys ! This DMEM is low glucose 1000mg/L so you will need to add and extra 3000mg/L to make it unto 4000mg/L in total. Thus 15ml of the 10% Glucose solution is needed for 500ml of DMEM. Need to add 50ml of Mass Spec Grade Serum […]

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Antibiotic Concentrations for Bacterial Work

Taken from Addgene’s guidelines [Link] Antibiotic Concentrations The following list shows recommended antibiotic concentrations for LB media or agar plates. Antibiotic Concentration Ampicillin 100 μg/mL Bleocin 5 μg/mL Carbenicillin 100 μg/mL Chloramphenicol 25 μg/mL Coumermycin 25 μg/mL Gentamycin 10 μg/mL Kanamycin 50 μg/mL Spectinomycin 50 μg/mL Tetracycline 10 μg/mL Example: To make 100 mL of LB/ampicillin […]

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