Antibiotic Concentrations for Bacterial Work

Taken from Addgene’s guidelines [Link]

Antibiotic Concentrations

The following list shows recommended antibiotic concentrations for LB media or agar plates.

Antibiotic Concentration
Ampicillin 100 μg/mL
Bleocin 5 μg/mL
Carbenicillin 100 μg/mL
Chloramphenicol 25 μg/mL
Coumermycin 25 μg/mL
Gentamycin 10 μg/mL
Kanamycin 50 μg/mL
Spectinomycin 50 μg/mL
Tetracycline 10 μg/mL

Example: To make 100 mL of LB/ampicillin growth media, add 100 μL of a 100 mg/mL ampicillin stock (1000X stock) to 100 mL of LB.

Reagent List

Unless otherwise indicated, the antibiotic powder can be dissolved in H20. Addgene recommends making 1000X stock solutions and storing aliquots at -20oC.

Reagent Catalog Number
Ampicillin EMD Chemicals #171254
Bleocin EMD Chemicals #203408
Carbenicillin EMD Chemicals #205805
Chloramphenicol EMD Chemicals #220551 (dissolve with EtOH)
Coumermycin Sigma #C9270 (dissolve with DMSO)
Gentamycin EMD Chemicals #345814
Kanamycin EMD Chemicals # 420311
Spectinomycin EMD Chemicals # 567570
Tetracycline EMD Chemicals # 583411

Please note that the catalog numbers given in the list above are only examples, and there are many additional companies that supply these reagents.

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