Month: November 2014

Public Talk “Killing Cancer One Cell at a Time ” now on YouTube

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Here is a recent talk I gave to some members of the public at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

It is a very general and simple over-view of explaining 1) how cells in your body proliferate, 2) how this goes wrong in cancer, 3) the challenges we are facing in treating and killing cancer, and 4) most importantly how we hoping to improve current treatments in the near future.

A big thanks to all the fantastic Garvan Foundation Team who hosted, filmed, and edited the event.


Cell Cycle Journal are Co-Sponsoring #ACCM15

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The Australian Cell Cycle Community

We are very pleased to announce that the prestigious and leading international journal for cell cycle research, Cell Cycle will be co-sponsoring the 15th Australian Cell Cycle Meeting. In addition, they have very generously provided a years subscription as an award for the best Student or Post-Doc presentation.

Cell Cycle is published by the Taylor & Francis Group, is a bi-weekly peer-reviewed journal of high priority research, with optional immediate open access and is indexed by PubMed/Medline and ISI. It currently has a Impact Factor of 5.006 © 2014 Thomson Reuters, and is ranked 51st out of 185 in Cell Biology Journals.

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