New Co-author Publications in Cell Reports, ACS Nano and Mol Oncology

It’s been a busy end to 2019 and start to 2020 with several new co-author publications being accepted. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with such a diverse and exciting bunch of researchers. Looking forward to more great and inspiring projects in 2020.

  1. Laan, S., Lévêque, M., Marcellin, G., Vezenkov, L., Lannay, Y., Dubra, G., Bompard, G., Ovejero, S., Urbach, S., Burgess, A., Amblard, M., Sterkers, Y., Bastien, P., Rogowski, K. (2019). Evolutionary Divergence of Enzymatic Mechanisms for Tubulin Detyrosination Cell Reports 29(12), 4159-4171.e6.
  2. Pavey, S., Pinder, A., Fernando, W., D’Arcy, N., Matigian, N., Skalamera, D., Cao, K., Loo‐Oey, D., Hill, M., Stark, M., Kimlin, M., Burgess, A., Cloonan, N., Sturm, R., Gabrielli, B. (2019). Multiple interaction nodes define the post‐replication repair response to UV‐induced DNA damage that is defective in melanomas and correlated with UV signature mutation load Molecular Oncology
  3. Hunt, N., Lockwood, G., Couteur, F., McCourt, P., Singla, N., Kang, S., Burgess, A., Kuncic, Z., Couteur, D., Cogger, V.(2020). Rapid Intestinal Uptake and Targeted Delivery to the Liver Endothelium Using Orally Administered Silver Sulfide Quantum Dots. ACS nano

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