Amazing Video “Cancer is Not One Disease”

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Here is an amazing video put together by the very talented Kate Patterson here at the Garvan. We were very lucky to be able to provide some technical advice for the video which was a great honour.


A brief introduction to Mitosis

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Here is a slide that I made and often use at the beginning of my talks to briefly explain what mitosis is. The images are taken from a live cell that we have labelled with fluorescent probes to highlight the DNA (red) and microtubules (green).

Enjoy !

The Garvan Strikes Back!

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Here is a fun Star Wars themed video that I put together to show case some of the amazing facilities at the new Kinghorn Cancer Centre, and some of the research our lab is doing. Hope you enjoy, and special credit to my son Barkley for his excellent acting!

New Mitotic Movies

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The Garvan recently took possession of a fantastic new Leica SP8 confocal microscope, which we have been lucky enough to have play with. Here are the results from our first go with the microscope. Very impressive, and we are yet to push the system to its fully potential. The massive increase in resolution and quality will greatly help in rapidly advancing our understanding of key mitotic events.